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Acoustic Battery Packs

Seismic Stuff manufactures a range of cost effective battery packs used to power acoustic units with both Alkaline and Lithium cell options. Each battery pack is tested under load after in house assembly to ensure it performs as per specification.

For small or large orders our prices are amongst the most cost effective in the industry. Smaller orders are typically shipped ex stock, larger orders are usually manufactured and shipped within days.

For testing our 04-01-2812 battery pack we also supply a battery tester for quickly checking the output of the battery pack providing a simple Green Tick or Red Cross diagnostic of the battery status. One of these testers will normally be supplied with bulk battery orders or can be ordered separately if required.
The use of this tester allows very rapid pre installation testing of battery packs (it takes just a couple of seconds per pack to measure it's status) ensuring only functional packs with full charge are installed. This will help reduce incidents with short lived transponders during the survey.

Tester operation is described below.

  • Above 12.9v solid green with short break
  • 12.7-12.9v slow green flash with short break
  • 12.6-12.7v medium green flash with short break
  • 12.5-12.6v rapid green flash with short break
  • 12.0-12.5v very rapid green flash with short break
  • 11.0-12.0v slow red flash with short break
  • 10.0-11.0v medium red flash with short break
  • 8.0-10.0v rapid red flash with short break
  • Below 8.0v very rapid red flash with short break

If both red and green are flashing, this indicates the input pin with the resistor (the centre one) is a different voltage compared to the other one. Typically this would be an open circuit harness fault.

Ordering Information:
  • 04-01-0414 Lithium 4 x C Cell Stick Pack
  • 04-01-0406 Alkaline 4 x C Cell Stick Pack
  • 04-01-1414 Lithium 4 x D Cell Stick Pack
  • 04-01-1406 Alkaline 4 x D Cell Stick Pack
  • 04-01-2812 Alkaline 8 x AA Cell Pack
  • 04-01-8812 Battery Tester

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