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Depth, High Pressure & Atmospheric Pressure Transducers

Seismic Stuff Technology's Frequency Output Depth Transducers are used to monitor the depth of the seismic source during operations.

The Pressure Transducers are used to monitor the high pressure air supply to the source.

The Atmospheric Pressure Transducers are used to correct the depth transducer readings for high and low barometric pressures in real time - in essence they work identically to depth transducers except with greatly increased accuracy and are mounted on board the vessel. Atmospheric Pressure Transducers also feature an optional NMEA style serial string operating in parallel with the frequency output. This allows the barometric pressure to be logged to an external system such as the Navigation System in addition to the gun controller.

By using miniaturization made possible with modern SMT electronics and the latest sensing technologies SST's transducers are less than half the size of traditional alternatives providing more options when mounting the device on the array.

By using proprietary internal pressure filtering, the depth transducer are able to operate on shallow sources with close proximity to the individual guns without damaging the sensor.

The transducers are connected via a two wire interface which allows the gun controller to supply power to the transducers. The transducer modulates the input current with a frequency proportional to the depth or pressure that the device is measuring. This modulated frequency is measured by the gun controller allowing it to recover the depth and pressure readings.

The transducers arrive factory calibrated and will function with all GCS90 compatible gun controllers.

For more information, please download the: -

Depth and Pressure Transducer Manual

and/or the

Atmospheric Pressure Transducer Manual

Ordering Information:

  • 08-01-0003 Depth Transducer AGP2702F
  • 08-01-0004 Pressure Transducer AGP2702F
  • 08-01-0005 Depth Transducer AGM1704M (Pin 1 & 3)
  • 08-01-0006 Pressure Transducer AGM1704M (Pin 1 & 3)
  • 08-01-0008 Atmospheric Pressure Transducer PX0735/P
  • 08-01-0009 Atmospheric Pressure Transducer Cable, 25m
  • 08-01-0010 Atmospheric Pressure Transducer NMEA PX0747/P
  • 08-01-0011 Atmospheric Pressure Transducer NMEA Cable, 25m

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