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Safety Lanyards for Bird and Acoustic Units

Birds and acoustic units represent a huge dollar investment for a seismic operation and need to be protected. A single incident with a fishtrap in a hazardous area of operations can easily cost six figure sums just in terms of lost acoustic pingers and birds.

One way to protect your investment is with the use of Seismic Stuff safety lanyards. With this rope and stainless steel safety clip in place, even when the bird collar is broken, the bird or acoustic unit just slides back along the streamer and can be recovered with the streamer.

Seismic Stuff offers lanyards with a choice of two safety clips, standard and heavy duty versions. Both versions feature extreme high visibility, abrasion resistant, Dyneema® 12 braid rope, spliced on both ends with a Brummel tuck splice. The benefits of this splice are that it maintains the ropes high strength, it is physically very short, doesn't require lock stitching or whipping, and that it has zero slipage under zero/low load conditions.

Seismic Stuff always uses the highest quality new materials in the production of it's products but as an option to clients, we can remanufacture a safety lanyard with new rope and splices with your old clips if returned in servicable order. Seismic Stuff is currently offering this service with a US $5 discount on quoted prices for each servicable clip that is returned and reused for a lanyard.

With thousands of these lanyards already sold, they are a proven, cost effective, insurance against equipment loss.

For operations where compass performance may be of concern, for example when the lanyard is used in very close proximity to the compass module, Seismic Stuff also manufacture safety lanyards with very low magnetic signatures, please select the "Alloy" option when placing an order. For more information please contact Seismic Stuff.

Ordering Information:

  • 03-01-0250 Safety Lanyard Stainless Steel/Dyneema® Standard Duty 50cm
  • 03-01-0550 Safety Lanyard Stainless Steel/Dyneema® Heavy Duty 50cm
  • 03-01-1250 Safety Lanyard Stainless Steel/Alloy/Dyneema® Standard Duty 50cm
  • 03-01-0255 Safety Lanyard Stainless Steel/Dyneema® Standard Duty 55cm
  • 03-01-0555 Safety Lanyard Stainless Steel/Dyneema® Heavy Duty 55cm
  • 03-01-1255 Safety Lanyard Stainless Steel/Alloy/Dyneema® Standard Duty 55cm
  • 03-01-1001 Safety Lanyard Alloy Clip Standard Duty

Other lengths can be manufactured to order.

The standard colour is high visibility yellow or red for Alloy models. For other rope colour options please contact Seismic Stuff.

To request a quotation, or for further information, please contact Seismic Stuff...
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