03-XX-XXXX Safety Lanyards for Bird and Acoustic Units
 03-01-0250 Safety Lanyard Stainless Steel/Dyneema® Standard Duty 50cm
 03-01-0550 Safety Lanyard Stainless Steel/Dyneema® Heavy Duty 50cm
 03-01-1250 Safety Lanyard Stainless Steel/Alloy/Dyneema® Standard Duty 50cm
 03-01-0255 Safety Lanyard Stainless Steel/Dyneema® Standard Duty 55cm
 03-01-0555 Safety Lanyard Stainless Steel/Dyneema® Heavy Duty 55cm
 03-01-1255 Safety Lanyard Stainless Steel/Alloy/Dyneema® Standard Duty 55cm
 03-01-1001 Safety Lanyard Alloy Clip Standard Duty

04-XX-XXXX Battery Packs
 04-01-0101 Battery Pack, CDA Logger
 04-01-0103 Battery, Lithium f/Data Logger
 04-01-0406 C-Cell Alkaline Battery Stick Pack
 04-01-0414 C-Cell Lith.Battery Stick Pack
 04-01-1406 D-Cell Alkaline Battery Stick Pack
 04-01-1414 D-Cell Lith.Battery Stick Pack
 04-01-2812 Alkaline 8 x AA Cell Pack

05-01-XXXX Tailbuoy Electronics
 05-01-0002 Tailbuoy 3-in-1 Charging Board 12V OP
 05-01-0003 Tailbuoy 3-in-1 Charging Board 24V OP

06-01-XXXX Cable Testers
 06-01-0001 High Current A/V Cable Tester
 06-01-0002 High Current A/V Cable Tester (Waterproof)
  06-02-0001 Cable Tester (Specify Connector)
  06-02-0005 Cable Tester (Waterproof) (Specify Connector)  
  06-02-0003 Noise Canceling Headphones
  06-02-0004 12V Power Supply
   06-03-0001 Cable Terminator (Specify Connector)

07-01-XXXX Bird Collar Latch Cam Kit
 07-01-0001 Bird Collar Latch Cam Kit

08-01-XXXX Depth, High Pressure & Atmospheric Pressure Transducers
 08-01-0003 Depth Transducer AGP2702F
 08-01-0004 Pressure Transducer AGP2702F
 08-01-0005 Depth Transducer AGM1704M (Pin 1 & 3)
 08-01-0006 Pressure Transducer AGM1704M (Pin 1 & 3)
 08-01-0008 Atmospheric Pressure Transducer PX0735/P
 08-01-0009 Atmospheric Pressure Transducer Cable, 25m
 08-01-0010 Atmospheric Pressure Transducer NMEA PX0747/P
 08-01-0011 Atmospheric Pressure Transducer NMEA Cable, 25m
  08-02-0001 Depth Transducer Assembly with AGP2702F 
  08-02-0002 Depth Transducer Assembly with AGM1704M 
  08-02-0011 Pressure Transducer Assembly with AGP2702F 
  08-02-0012 Pressure Transducer Assembly with AGM1704M 
  08-02-1003 Transducer O-Ring (x2) 
  08-02-1004 Machined Maze Filter Disc 
  08-02-1005 Machined Blank Filter Disc 
  08-02-1006 Face Seal O-Ring 
   08-03-0001 Machined AGP 2702F 
   08-03-0002 Machined AGM 1704M
   08-03-0003 Electronics Module
   08-03-0004 Brass Compression Ring
   08-03-0005 Low Pressure Transducer (DT)
   08-03-0006 High Pressure Transducer (PT)

09-01-XXXX Light Tow Streamer Attachment
 09-01-0001 Tow & Ballast Streamer Attachment

10-01-XXXX Compass Depth & Acceleration Logger
 10-01-0001 Autonomous Data Logger CDA
 10-01-0002 CDA Logger 16Mbyte
 10-01-0003 Autonomous Data Logger Mdl CDA

11-01-XXXX Source Steering System
 11-01-0001 Subarray Steering Control System 
 11-01-0003 Software, SSC System Licence
 11-01-0005 Remote Display and Control Station
  11-02-0001 SSC PLC High Voltage Supply, Sensor Interface and Control System
  11-02-0002 19" Rack Mount 1U Linux Server
  11-02-0011 MK2 Right Angled Rotation Sensor with AGP2702M, 316 SS
  11-02-0014 Moulded sensor target with Potted Neodymium Iron Boron Magnet
  11-02-0016 Waterproof Handheld Remote
  11-02-0018 Mini ITX Mother Board Dual Core
  11-02-0019 12V Switch Mode Fan PSU
  11-02-0020 12V Switch Mode High Current PSU
  11-02-0030 Keyboard Encoder Interface
  11-02-1003 Din Plug to 25D/RED/BLK Male

14-01-XXXX Man Overboard Alarm System
 14-01-0001 MOB System A
 14-01-0002 MOB System B
  14-02-0001 InstrumentRoom MOB Alarm Panel
  14-02-0002 Bridge Room MOB Alarm Panel
  14-02-0003 IP65 Lock Reset Push Button wG
  14-02-0004 24VDC MOB Horn with Gland
  14-02-0005 24VDC Xenon Flash Light (blue)
  14-02-0006 Enclosure, 230x140x95mm
  14-02-0007 Cable Gland Nickel over Brass
  14-02-0008 Lambda 4.3A 24V switch modePSU
  14-02-0009 Enclosure, 300x220x120mm
  14-02-0010 MOB System PCB
  14-02-0011 MOB System PCB(Spare)
  14-02-0012 Push Button Model A/PB21/E20M
  14-02-0013 MOB System Junction Box PCB
  14-02-0014 InstrumentRoom MOB Alarm Polycb
  14-02-0015 Enclosure ABS 230x140x95
  14-02-0016 Enclosure Gewiss 300x220x120

15-01-XXXX Streamer Protection
 15-01-1050 Bird Collar Protector, (Std. & Ext.) for ALS
 15-01-1060 Bird Collar Protector, (Std. & Ext.) for Sentinel®
 15-01-1053 Bird Collar Protector, (Std, & Ext.) for Quick Cuff® on Geostreamer®
 15-01-1063 Bird Collar Protector, (Std, & Ext.) for Quick Cuff® on Sentinel®

17-01-XXXX Tension Monitoring
 17-01-0001 Tension Monitoring System
  17-02-0001 Tension Monitoring System Rack Mount Server
  17-02-0002 Tension Monitoring Lifetime Software License
   17-03-0001 Tension Monitoring 24 months telephone and email support

18-01-XXXX Mjolnir Source Controller
 18-01-0001 MSI  Mjolnir Server Interface
  18-02-0147 Includes 1 of Single Board Computer Running Linux, CW 500GB HD, 4GB Memory
  18-02-0149 Includes 2 of Mjolnir Transducer Interface Board (8 Channels each, 16 D/P TX Total)
  18-02-0148 Includes 8 of Mjolnir Power Modulator Board
  18-02-0150 Includes 1 of Mjolnir System Controller Board
 18-01-0006 MCP  Mjolnir Core Program (1 License Dongle Protected)
 18-01-0003 MES  Mjolnir 16 Channel Ethernet Switch
 18-01-0002 MPS  Mjolnir Power Supply
 18-01-1004 MSI-MPS Power Cable (0.6m)
 18-01-1003 MSI-MPS Data Cable (0.6m)
 18-01-0004 MDI  Mjolnir Deck Interface
 18-01-1005 MDI  MES Data Cable (75m)	
 18-01-1006 MDI  MSI Power Cable (75m)
 18-01-0005 Mjolnir Operator PC, CW Windows OS, Dual 22 LCD Screen
 18-01-0007 MCG - Mjolnir Client GUI Application (Java) (Unlimited License)
 18-01-0008 MDD  Mjolnir Deck Display
 18-01-0014 MSSNS  Mjolnir Solenoid, Sensor & NFH Simulator
 18-01-0078 GEM  Gun Element Module
 18-01-0079 GEHG  Gun Element Housing (G-Gun)
 18-01-0080 GEHG  Gun Element Housing (BOLT)
 18-01-0081 MDT  Mjolnir Depth Transducer
 18-01-0082 MPT  Mjolnir Pressure Transducer

19-01-XXXX Streamer Power Shutdown System
 19-01-0001 Seal Emergency P. Controller
 19-01-0002 Seal Emergency P. Remote
 19-01-0003 Interface Cables to DCXU
 19-01-0004 4 core shipboard 22 AWG cable
 19-01-0005 Seal Emergency P. Controller
 19-01-0006 Seal Emergency P. Remote
 19-01-0007 Seal Emergency Complete P.Remo
 19-01-0008 Seal Emerg.IndicatorPanel STBD
  19-02-0011 Lambda 24V PSU
  19-02-0014 Multiplx, 24Ch 24V Indic.State
  19-02-0015 Demultiplx 24Ch24V Indic.State
  19-02-9001 Seal Aux Ext Cable 5m

20-01-XXXX Preassembled Cables
 20-01-0001 SEAL-428 DCXU CABLE
 20-01-0002 Acoustic to Gun Patch Panel Cables
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