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Streamer Protection

Seismic Stuff designs and manufactures a range of wrap protectors for seismic equipment.

Typically these protectors are placed on the streamer, over the inner race of bird collars, connectors and modules during recovery to protect the sections from possible damage when wound onto the streamer reel under tension.

Low cost and effective, able to be fixed in seconds, these protectors have no significant impact on equipment recovery time.

With the reduction of possible damage during streamer recovery, the initial cost outlay for these items is recovered very quickly.

Ordering Information:

  • 15-01-1050 Bird Collar Protector, (Std. & Ext.) for ALS
  • 15-01-1060 Bird Collar Protector, (Std. & Ext.) for Sentinel®
  • 15-01-1053 Bird Collar Protector, (Std, & Ext.) for Quick Cuff® on Geostreamer®
  • 15-01-1063 Bird Collar Protector, (Std, & Ext.) for Quick Cuff® on Sentinel®

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