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Bird Collar Latch Cam Kit

Birds and acoustic units represent a huge dollar investment for a seismic operation and need to be protected. The introduction of the latching collar has been a great improvement compared to previous attachment methods, but the latch has a weakness. When the collar becomes old or worn it is possible for the latch to open by itself releasing the bird or acoustic unit. This can cause technical downtime with an inoperative unit, potential loss of the attached unit as well as the increased exposure if the workboat or MOB boat is launched to attempt to investigate and rectify the problem.

One way to fix this shortcoming of the latching collar is with a small modification. This fix involves a small rotatable cam which can be installed in the field directly on the the collar latch. When the collar is closed the cam is rotated physically stopping the latch from being able to open, whether the collar is worn or not. This can be done within moments after the collar is closed. The cam is shaped on the reverse to provide a positive locating click feel in both the fully open and closed positions allowing the operation to be carried out when it isn't possible to see the cam.

Seismic Stuff offers a complete kit which provides all parts needed to be able to modify the collar in the field. Each kit contains : -

  • 1 x Collar Locking Cam
  • 1 x 316 SS Socket Head Machine Screw, M5x8mm
  • 1 x Plastic Friction Reduction Washer

Ordering Information:
  • 07-01-0001 Bird Collar Latch Cam Kit

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