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Compass Depth & Acceleration Logger

Seismic Stuffs Compass, Depth and Acceleration logger can take the guess work of how seismic equipment is towing in the water.

There can be many unanswered operational questions that we would like to know in the field. What toe out angle are the Barovanes really at? Are they vertical in the water? If not, how many degrees of roll and pitch do they have. Where on the leadin is the vibration coming from, how bad is it? Are the new sections rotating on the streamer? If so, how fast, how many rotations? Is the lead in towing with the same curve the modelling indicates?

The list of questions is very long but Seismic Stuff has developed a product that can help answer them.

For more detailed information, please read the User Manual. Or for further information on a taylored solution for your requirements, please contact Seismic Stuff...
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