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Source Steering System

The Seismic Stuff Technology Source Steering System is designed to be able to steer the source sub arrays and/or to be able to collapse the bridle to facilitate source recovery.

The system works by driving winches placed on the sub arrays whilst keeping track of the position of the winch so they are not run beyond their physical limits.

The winches are air powered and can be driven in both directions, both hoist and slack. The system drives the winches by controlling two bolt gun solenoids to regulate the airflow to the winch. The two solenoids control the flow of high pressure air to the winch, energizing one solenoid will cause the winch to hoist, energizing the other will cause it to slack. Only one solenoid is operated at a time.

A rotation sensor is mounted on the winch housing which counts the number of times a magnet passes the sensor. The magnets are mounted on the end face of the winch drum. The sensor is capable of detecting if the magnet passes in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction hence the system is able to keep track of the amount the winch has deployed or recovered.

The system can be controlled directly from a rack mounted controller or via a web based interface from any PC with web browser on the same network. The web based access is password protected to stop unauthorised remote operation of the system.

An optional remote keypad is available which allows gun deck operation of the system whilst the operator is watching the winches.

Software Resources

Ver1.2.1 Firmware for Controller Main Processor

Released 19th Jan 2010 (Replaces previous version 1.1)

Key Changes

  • Resolves MIN/MAX bug where a winch could be driven beyond the specified limits
  • Improves Serial Data Handling for multiple client access
  • Resolves buffer conflict which potentially could cause incoming data corruption

Ver1.0 Firmware for Rotation Sensor Interface Processor

Ver1.0 Firmware for HV Solonoid Daughter Board Processor

Ver1.2 CGI Programs for the Server. To be extracted to /var/www/.

Released 19th Jan 2010 (Replaces previous version 1.1)

Change permissions to be able to execute the scripts and write to the txt data files with:

pwd: xxx
%cd /var/www/cgi-bin
%chmod 755 *.cgi
%chmod 666 *.txt

System Manual Ver 0.9 14th January 2010.

Seismic Stuff has developed a control GUI and related server based control and database application.

Below is a screen shot what the new Java GUI application looks like in use - we will be uploading the Java Client and server software as well as the manual shortly.

(click image for larger view)

Ordering Information:

  • 11-02-0001 SSC PLC, High Voltage Supply, Sensor Interface and Control System
  • 11-02-0002 19" Rack Mount 1U Linux PC Server
  • 11-02-0003 SSC System Software License
  • 11-02-0004 Right Angled Rotation Sensor with AGP2702M, 316 SS
  • 11-02-0005 Remote Display and Control Station. Waterproof SS Enclosure with PC Installed
  • 11-02-0014 Rotation Sensor Target 316 SS with potted Neodymium Iron Boron Magnet
  • 11-02-0016 Source Steering Winch Handheld Remote Controller, CW 25m Cable

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