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Streamer Power Shutdown System

Seismic Stuff Technologies Streamer Power Emergency Shutoff System is used to enable the remote shut down of streamer power to any individual streamer or to allow all streamers to be shut down by the push of a single emergency stop button.

Full setails can be read in the system manual.

    Ordering Information
  • 19-01-0006 Power Off Remote Station CW custom Panel Artwork
  • 19-01-0007 All Power Off Remote Station
  • 19-01-0003 Interface Cables to DCXU
  • 19-01-0005 Streamer Power Emergency Shutoff Controller
  • 19-01-0008 Remote Indicator Panel Starboard Streamers CW custom Panel Artwork
  • 19-01-0009 Remote Indicator Panel Port Streamers CW custom Panel Artwork
  • 19-02-0002 Streamer Emergency Shutdown PCB, Dual Channel
  • 19-02-0014 Indicator State Multiplexer
  • 19-02-0015 Indicator State Demultiplexer
  • 19-02-0016 All Stop DECK HV Indicator Controller
  • 19-03-0004 NC Push Button with Guard Cover
  • 19-03-0005 Indicator Lamp, 24V, RED
  • 19-03-0006 Indicator Lamp, 24V, GREEN
  • 19-02-0011 PSU, 24V, LAMBDA

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