Products - Mjöllnir Gun Controller


Mjöllnir (Thor's Hammer) - Source Controller

Seismicstuff is developing a family of revolutionary state of the art gun controllers, both onboard as well as a fully digital distributed system.

All versions are based around a single gun controller unit. This level of abstraction allows the seamless and virtually unlimited scaling from a single channel to systems with hundreds of channels.

Specifications are as follows: -

  • Compatible with Bolt and G-Gun Sensors
  • 30 to 180V fire voltage
  • H Bridge firing circuitry allowing solenoid polarity reversal as well as the capability to provide continuous power to the solenoid.
  • 0.100 or 0.125ms sensor and hydrophone sample rates
  • Sub sample gun timing accuracy
  • Lossless signal compression reducing bandwidth requirements by a factor of 4
  • Multiple redundant data paths

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