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Tailbuoy System

Seismic Stuff has developed a power regulator and battery system for seismic tailbuoys.

The battery is a vented encapsulated design which needs no enclosure. A pigtail is molded into the design which allows connection to the power regulator. The batteries are available as 12V or 24V systems and are 240mm(l) x 200mm(w) x 200mm(h).

The battery features a unique voltage indicator so the status of the charge in the battery can always be seen just by visual inspection. This requires no disconnection to measure voltages and has no appreciable load on the battery. This ability to know the battery status by visual inspection, from the back deck, or even from the workboat reduces HSE exposure by avoiding crew mounting the tailbuoy, disconnecting batteries and/or heavy lifting.

The regulator is a device that provides power to the GPS unit on the tailbuoy as well as charging the battery. The Seismic Stuff regulator also has a unique feature meaning the device doubles as a navigation hazard warning light flashing a morse "U" indicating the end of the streamer. The regulator is moulded in a clear resiliant polyurethane making it completely waterproof and extremely hard wearing.

The connectors are linked with an internal stainless steel frame making the design robust to connector abuse. The regulator includes three bolt holes for mounting on the tailbuoy and the device measures 115mm(w) x 95mm(l) or 185mm(l) with connectors. The whole device weighs only 1.38kg.

The regulators are powered from the streamer power and have been tested and are in use with Sercel Seal 408 and 428 systems.

The regulators can power a GPS unit with or without a battery attached so are useful as power supplies for head buoy solutions.

Regulators, like the encapsulated batteries, are available as 12V or 24V options.

Download the manual.

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