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Tension Monitoring System

Seismic Stuff has developed a system to interface to the tension monitoring provided by Odim as well as to messages from Concept Systems Navigation System. The primary purpose on this Tension Monitoring System is to provide visualisation and alarms for the bridge and navigation departments with the additional benefit of continuous logging of data to a database providing the ability to carry out post incident analysis. With this information displayed and alarms set in place, should the towing tension become to high or too low, the crew can be alerted and action taken to avoid potential equipment damage and a possible spread collapse.

Data is read by the system directly from UDP network data packets from the Odim system. Navigation data is decoded from serial data sent from the Integrated Navigation System software. This data is decoded, timestamped and placed into an SQL database in real time on a central server. This database can be accessed by multiple clients running on remote computers on the network.

The client software, developed in Java, can run on any number of Linux or Windows PC's accessing the data remotely from the database server. This client software provides a display that updates in real time with the current tension values and provides configurable visual as well as audio alarms. Historical data is displayed in an intuitive scrolling three dimensional display. The software also has the ability to automatically change from day to night mode with reduced brightness and contrast allowing the software to be displayed around the clock on the bridge of the vessel.


Tension Monitoring Client Ver 1.1 (With Demo Mode and fullscreen option)

To run in a window from the command prompt (Windows or Linux) use the following command: -
 java -jar JavaApplication1_1.jar
or the following if you wish to run the application fullscreen
 java -jar JavaApplication1_1.jar fullscreen

SQL Database Initilisation Software Ver 1.0

UDP Data Packet Simulator Software Ver 1.0 (used for testing purposes)

Download the correct UDPListener software that matches your dongle serial number.
ODIM UDP & Spectra Serial Listener Ver 1.1 - Dongle SN: 1422434960
ODIM UDP & Spectra Serial Listener Ver 1.1 - Dongle SN: 2242767348
ODIM UDP & Spectra Serial Listener Ver 1.1 - Dongle SN: 3106932380
ODIM UDP & Spectra Serial Listener Ver 1.1 - Dongle SN: 3342998278
ODIM UDP & Spectra Serial Listener Ver 1.1 - Dongle SN: 473908224
ODIM UDP & Spectra Serial Listener Ver 1.1 - Dongle SN: 1035374204

Ordering Information:

  • 17-02-0001 Tension Monitoring System Rack Mount Server
  • 17-02-0002 Tension Monitoring Lifetime Software License
  • 17-03-0001 Tension Monitoring 24 months telephone and email support

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